"We were very nervous to leave our daughter with anyone. It turned out to be an easie transition than we thought, simply because, our daughter was very happy to her there."

-Stephanie K.

Substitute Mom Day Care  ·  Jolynn Boyer  ·  Simi Valley, CA  ·  License #566210179
...an extension of your family!                                 (805) 520-8023

"Her Passion for what she does allows her to embrace the children she watches as if they were a part of her own family."

-Lauren D

"What I believe that set Jolynn apart from other day care providers is her intuition. She is completely in tune with her children and seems to understand each one of them to their very Core."

-Jennifer M

"She exhibits qualities in her care that are beneficial to Jake and our family."

-Erin G.

"She is truly a special person, we would not have trusted anyone else with our daughter."

-Chrissy L.

"Mrs. Boyer is a trustworthy, loving, compassionate  individual who has

cared my son for the last 3 1/2 years

and my daughter for 14 months.

I've been exceptionally happy with the care and education she has provided for my two children"

-Heather S.

Substitute Mom Day Care