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 At Substitute Mom Day, We offer the Following:

  • Full/Part Time Loving care, including after School Care; with pick up if needed
  • Meals: Breakfast, lunch, and snacks, (with plenty to drink, milk, juice, water)
  • Ages: Newborn to elementary school ages
  • Rooms: Separate room for infants (nursery), and toddlers (preschool). In our nursery, we provide REAL cribs, with plenty of room to thrive in; while our preschool room is extra large, providing a classroom setting and many stations needed for your child(ren) to explore, thrive and grow.
  • Education: we provide the necessary education to prepare your child for school. This includes the fundamentals of reading, writing, arithmetic, and art. We also provide an American Sign Language program and so much more.
  • Play Area: beside the inside room settings, we have a great outside park like setting. This is truly and extra, extra large yard. It is separated into concrete patio (covered and uncovered), large, certified wood chip area with Step 2 play equipment, and finally the biggest grass lawn that you will find in a home setting; real grass, not weeds and dirt!

Substitute Mom has been a stable part of the Simi Valley community for the past 23 years. We are Proud to say that we have truly become a part of the families we have provided care for. Our care has been extended to every type of professional, that includes many educators (Simi Valley, Moorpark, and LA unified School Districts), Law Enforcement (LAPD, SVPD, CHP and Both the LA/Ventura Sheriff's offices), and local business professionals from Bank of America, Amgen, AeroVironment and many more!

Finally, about the owner, Jolynn Boyer has been caring for children for over 30 years. After having her third child, she decided that she would be better off working from home raising her own children; while giving that same love and attention for other families. Jolynn has always had a desire to help children succeed, and this is evident in her continued education in the Social Sciences, early Childhood education, and family and human Development.  Jolynn currently has an Associates in Arts, (Social and Behavioral Sciences), from Moorpark College, and a Bachelor of Science in Family and Human Development from Arizona State University(ASU).  She is currently seeking her Masters in the same.

Now After 21 years, and countless children entrusted to her care, Jolynn continues to offer the same quality care as she did when she founded Substitute Mom. She can also claim to be "generational" as she is now caring for some of the children of the children she watched so many years ago. 

At Substitute Mom Day Care, We've been caring for children for over 23 years, with our motto being " extension of your family!" 
This is fundamental to our vision, and simply stated, (after 21 years in business), we have an extended family that is truly a blessing to everyone.

Substitute Mom

Jolynn Boyer

Substitute Mom Day Care